Counselling service now available!

Pay it forward

Pay it forward is an expression for when the recipient of an act of kindness does something kind for someone else rather than simply accepting or repaying the original good deed.

Here at Unmasked, we’re asking you to consider supporting our Counselling Hardship Fund by “Paying it Forward” to us here at Unmasked. 

Our Counselling Services are low cost at just £20 per session, but sometimes £20.00 is still out of reach for people to be able to access our services. So, we are building a hardship fund which enables people who are on low income to be able to access our counselling services for free.

£20.00 pays for an individual to have one counselling session with our team. Typically, an individual needs between 6 & 12 sessions. £120 pays for a block of six sessions. Anything that you donate to us on the “Pay it Forward” scheme will go into our hardship towards supporting people with poor mental health to access our services.

To pay it forward, simply click the donate button and enter your details and the amount you wish to pay.

We are very grateful for all donations and thank you for helping us to make a difference in our communities.

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