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Community Wellness Partners Club

At Unmasked Mental Health, we are committed to fostering a culture of well-being, unmasking the stigma surrounding mental health, and promoting positive change. Through our dedicated efforts, we provide a range of crucial services to people battling poor mental health.
Together with our Community Mental Wellness Partners, we aspire to create a society where mental wellness is a priority, where everyone has access to the support they need, and where businesses are catalysts for building a more empathetic, resilient, and thriving community.

How can your business get involved?

Like Unmasked Mental Health, local businesses play a pivotal role within our community. They provide employment opportunities, support local residents, and deliver essential services. Our goal is to collaborate with a diverse array of companies, regardless of their size or industry, to secure the necessary resources for supporting individuals facing mental health challenges within our communities.
We feel a strong sense of partnership and satisfaction from working alongside businesses, assisting them in tailoring their fundraising efforts to align with their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives while simultaneously delivering valued support to those living with poor mental health in our local community.

We are always looking to grow our Community Wellness Partners Club. By joining, your business will be supporting people to access the services at the point of need.

The Community Wellness Partners Club is designed for driven business owners who prioritise both business success and corporate social responsibility.


Our Community Wellness Partners, receive a range of benefits including:

Prominent Brand Exposure
Social Responsibility and Brand Reputation
Training, Development & Employee Support
Networking and Engagement Opportunities

Partnership sponsorship opportunities

We have 3 levels of Partnership sponsorship available to tailor to businesses of all sizes…..

Package 1

£1,000 Per Year

Package 2

£3,000 Per Year

Package 3

Price on application

Prominent Brand Exposure:
Inclusion of your company's name and logo on our charity's website, alongside recognition as a valued sponsor.
Advertising on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages which have over 225,000 followers
Placement of your logo in our printed publications, annual reports, and promotional materials.
Visibility at our events through banners, signage, and acknowledgment during speeches.
Logo placement on clothing worn by our team, volunteers, and event participants, effectively extending your brand reach.
Social Responsibility and Brand Reputation:
Exclusively designed and tailored to the requirements of your organisation’s environment and social responsibilities.
Association with a reputable mental health charity dedicated to improving the lives of individuals facing mental health challenges.
Recognition as a responsible corporate citizen that actively contributes to the well-being of the community.
Enhanced brand perception among your stakeholders, customers, and employees.
Training, Development & Employee Support:
Mental Health Awareness Training for employees (online and face to face)

Online or Face to Face
Access to Counselling Services at the time of need
Networking and Engagement Opportunities:
Invitations to exclusive charity events, providing opportunities for networking with like-minded organisations and individuals.
Involvement in our charity's activities, such as volunteering or employee engagement initiatives, fostering team cohesion and a sense of purpose among your employees.

Together, we can unmask the stigma of mental health

Our pride lies in the enduring partnerships we’ve cultivated with our business supporters. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to collaborate.

If you’re interested in joining our Community Wellness Partners Club, please contact us at 01422 356945 or via email at

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