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Wellbeing Reviews

Keep in touch with your employees during challenging times with our Wellbeing reviews 

A well-being review isn’t just a casual ‘how are you doing’ chat in the workplace kitchen, it’s a more deep-seated and structured review. The purpose of which, is to provide your employees, the life-blood of your business, an opportunity in which to discuss any issues they may have in relation to their mental wellbeing – undertaken by a trained professional.

At Unmasked Mental Health and Wellbeing in Halifax, we’ve tailored our wellbeing reviews to ensure your employees get the most out of them.


The way of the world is a forever changing landscape, so we ensure we focus on appropriate and relevant subjects and ask lots of questions. Such as:

Following the wellbeing review, both parties will receive an informative, documented overview of the discussion. The person hosting the review, will make recommendations and this will be contained in the report for further consideration.

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