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Work-life Balance

1 hour Webinar

Learn the importance of Work-Life balance with our 1-hour webinar 

Many of us already know that maintaining a good work-life balance is important, not just for our personal health and wellbeing, but for our mental health too. However, the UK Health and Safety Executive state that one in four people will experience a mental health issue and their evidence suggests that this poor mental health is responsible for almost 13% of all sickness absence days in the UK. A sad state of affairs indeed.

Sadly, perhaps the biggest challenge with poor mental health is removing the stigma that surrounds it. Whilst many won’t hesitate to seek help for their physical pain or ailments, unfortunately, many more  of us choose ignore emotional and mental health issues because they feel too embarrassed, confused or even scared to talk about them.

Our short Mental Health Webinar, which may be delivered by one of our counsellors or by one of our directors,  is designed to help you re-evaluate your work-life equilibrium underpinned by spotting signs and symptoms which in turn will encourage you to discuss mental health with the ease that you would a headache or the flu. It encourages you to take care of yourself as you would a loved one when they’re suffering.

We will discuss how to raise awareness, how to approach mental health and remove stigma alongside providing invaluable, simple, tools, tips and ideas for day-to-day wellbeing management (for yourself and others). We all know that a happy staff equals healthier, more productive and more successful staff. Put simply, good mental health is a win-win for everyone involved.

Our webinar will be provided as a video link for your staff and can be used on any video meeting platform. Helping your employees create a good work-life balance and therefore, understand the signs and symptoms to look out for when working from home will all help to maintain positive mental health. We all know that we need to talk about our life struggles, but more often than not, we don’t feel comfortable doing so.

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